Neti Pot: Your Magic Aladdin’s Lamp to Treat Nasal Problems, or Yoga Medical Tradition #1

It is well-known how miserable sinus problems can be accompanied with clogged nasal passages, terrible headaches and unpleasant facial pain. Since times immemorial searching for relief, most sufferers have turned to nasal saline irrigation, or the so-called therapy of salt + water flushing out the nose passages.

Beside a few other methods of nasal treatment, using the ‘Neti pot’ have been existing for ages. This is really amazing how a small odd ceramic teapot like vessel, resembling a fairy tale Aladdin’s magic lamp and originating from the yoga medical tradition, is capable of working wonders.

Neti pots have really won legions of fans who rely on relief not only from colds, but allergies and congestion. The key warning about them is to use those devices safely.

All live, His Majesty Neti Pot!


Expert Surgeons Recommend, or How Do Neti Pots Work?

Ear/nose/throat doctors strongly recommend such kind of nasal irrigation for clearing away crusting in the passages. More so, those devices have proved to be rather useful to people suffering from environmental irritants, congestion, facial pain and pressure.

For some people, similar nasal irrigation may bring 100% relief with no medications. Neti pots thin mucus and help flush it out off the passages. Speaking of a more biological explanation, the point is in tiny and hair-like structures ‘cilia’, which line the inside of nasal/sinus cavities. They wave back and forth, pushing that mucus to the back of the throat or to the nose. Thus, saline solution either increases the speed, or improves cilia coordination to effectively remove troublesome allergens and irritants.

How to Use a Neti Pot: 3 Easy Steps

In fact, there are no official medical guidelines. However, Neti pots always come with an explanation how to use them properly. You may also ask your doctor about the typical process, before trying it on your own. Typically, for using this nasal irrigation device you need to mix 16 ounces or 1 pint of lukewarm water + 1 teaspoon of salt. Also, you can add teaspoon of baking soda, in order to make the solution gentler for the nose.

It is also advisable to use distilled/sterile/boiled water for making up a good solution. After having filled the pot, you have to tilt your head at a 45-degree angle over the sink. Place the spout into the top nostril and pour the saline solution into it gently. As a result, the fluid will flow through the nasal cavity and out your other nostril. If it runs into your throat, simply spit the fluid out. Blow your nose, and you’ll get rid of the remaining liquid.

neti pot, neti pots

Finally, refill the pot and repeat the process with the other side. Don't forget to rinse the irrigation device and leave it open to air dry after each use.

How Often Should You Use Neti Pots?

According to the latest researches, people who suffer from sinus symptoms find relief from using these pots at least three times a week. More and more people with sinus symptoms from environmental irritants and allergies, pressure and facial pain began using these pots.

For many of them irrigation brings relief. Besides, this instrument is relatively safe, as only 10% of people start experiencing mild side effects like stinging and nasal irritation. Some people may experience nosebleeds, however, these are rare cases.

Most of these problems are rare and occur due to improper use of the pot. If you experience irritation, add less amount of salt and decrease the temperature of the water.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the pot should be washed every day. Besides, never share your pot with other people, even if they are your family. This will help to prevent the occurrence of bacteria and diseases transmission. Always remember to dry the device completely after each wash.

If you experience discomfort and irritation even if you keep to the above mentioned recommendations, consult your health practitioner.

Neti Pots: Conclusions

According to the studies, people with sinus symptoms typically find relief from using pots 3 times a week. Believe, they are generally safe. You can find this magic device over-the-counter at any drug store, health food store, and online retailer, costing just $10-$20.

In a word, enjoy the proven method of nasal relief, which can be also 100% effective home remedy for both allergies and congestion. Millions of people end up liking pots, because they feel refreshed and absolutely healthy! Though, remember to be cautious and use a good cleaning approach to your dear Doctor Pot from New York!

More information from Wikipedia or here.

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