How to Use a Pot?

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Millions of people worldwide have to deal with sinus problems that are usually accompanied by facial pain and terrible headaches, clogged nasal passages and constant feeling of discomfort. So, what’s the possible way out? Specialists recommend Neti Pots. Using them, sufferers provide relief, feel much better and get back to normal life.

So, how to use a Neti Pot? Unfortunately, you will not manage to find any official medical guidelines on its use, but this supply is usually provided with inserts that explain how to use it. If you want to know more details on proper use, go on reading.

What’s a Neti Pot?

Before we tell you how to use a Neti pot, we’d like to provide useful information on these tools. Such pots are, as a rule, made of glass, metal, ceramic and even plastic. These pots originated in India, and now they are widely used all over the world. They are easily found it health stores and have two openings: one for filling the solution, another one is placed at the end of the spout and is used for pouring the solution into the nasal passage.

Guideline on How to Use a Neti Pot

How to use a neti pot

1. Fill the pot with water (not too cold and not too hot). It is recommended to use distilled water if the purity of water in one’s local area is questionable.
2. Add ½ teaspoon of table/sea salt and stir with spoon.
3. Wash the device and your hands. Fill the pot with the solution you have made.
4. Lean over the sink and bend your head towards one side. Make sure your chin and forehead are at the same level.
5. Put the spout into the nostril (the upper one), and tilt the pot. The solution will come into one nostril and come out through the lower one.
6. Lean forward and blow the nostrils.
7. Tilt your head to the opposite side and do the same with another nostril.

In many people water comes out of the mouth. If you face the same problem, simply spit the solution and try one more time, tilting your head more.

How to Make Neti Pot Use Safe?

To ensure the safety of the procedure, check whether the pot is safe. It must be cleaned thoroughly after each use and it mustn’t be shared with other people. Store your Neti pot in well-ventilated areas (the bathroom counter, for example).

Never use water from shower or faucet, as when used for nasal irrigation, it leads to health complications. It is better to use regular salt, or special Neti pot salt. Refuse from adding iodized salt, as it causes irritation.

Knowing how to use a Neti pot in a proper way, you ensure the safety of the procedure and fast results. Be healthy!