Neti Pot Death

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Have you heard that frightening piece of news about neti pot death? They say that neti pots can kill you. How can it be true? And how will we all survive the next flu and cold season?

Have not heard about neti pots at all? Have you ever seen any? A neti pot looks like a cute genie’s lamp or a small teapot and is used to irrigate sinuses while pouring a solution into the nose.

Neti pots are just perfect to naturally treat and prevent colds. They grow more and more popular.

That is why the information about deaths of two people in Louisiana from neti pots sounds just terribly upsetting to all of us. Now you are probably wondering if you have to stop using this little teapot. Don’t be afraid! It’s just another popular and scary myth people like so much.

Irrigating your sinuses is anyway a very good idea as it helps to take away mucous and harmful germs and bacteria from your nose. Please do not stop doing it because of  Neti Pot death rumors. You can’t deny that it’s considerably cheaper than purchasing and taking nasal steroids.

Neti pot death

What you should really mention is that both people who died – a 51-year-old woman and a 20-year-old man – used regular tap water in their neti pots. That was their fatal mistake! The water they used contained an evil amoeba that used their nasal passages to climb up to their brains.

Usually, amoeba is not a big problem if it is present in tap water and you drink it. The problem might occur when it somehow manages to get up into your nostrils. This quite rare infection typically occurs when people swim or dive in warm freshwater rivers and lakes. Even more rarely, as health experts say, such kind of infection can be caused by contaminated water from some other sources, such as badly chlorinated water of a swimming pool or heated (not boiled) tap water.

This is what they did wrong – they did not use boiled or sterilized tap water in their neti pots. And this really caused neti pot deaths. In fact, you should understand that this is quite a rare thing. It can’t be a cause to introduce nationwide neti pot units prohibition. But at the same time it’s just a prefect reason for us to learn from other’s mistakes.

Here are some rules for all neti pot users:

1. Always use ONLY distilled or sterile water for your irrigated sinuses.
2. Always boil tap water before using it for irrigation.
3. Always rinse your neti pot thorougly after each use and don’t forget to leave it open for some time to dry out.

Well, that’s it. Just follow these simple steps and be sure you’ll be safe from neti pot death.