Neti Pot Instructions

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Whether it’s cold weather, allergies, or other causes, runny noses are on the rise. One of the best ways to avoid the medicine aisle and get rid of those Kleenex is the Neti-Pot. Using all natural techniques that cleanse the nasal cavities and reduce inflammation, the Neti-Pot is the perfect alternative option for ridding congestion.

To use the Neti-Pot, follow the instructions mapped out below.

Step by Step: A Guide to Neti-Pot Usage

Step One: Locate yourself in an appropriate setting. Bathroom sinks make nice options, as usually they are well stocked with towels and a mirror. Keep in mind that you are cleansing your nasal passages so choosing an appropriate receptacle really comes down to your sink choice.

Neti pot instructions

Step Two: Now that you’re situated appropriately, it’s time to prepare your materials. To warm your water, choose between heating your own tap water or your stock of distilled water. Be sure to let the water cool after you heat it, as you don’t want to burn your nasal cavities with scalding temperatures. Wait until it is a comfortable temperature, and then add in the pre-packed solution to the water. Make sure you allot time for the solution to dissolve, or expedite the process by stirring it.

Step Three: Tilt yourself comfortably over the sink, with one ear towards the ceiling, and one ear towards the ground. Ideally your head should be horizontal. It helps to face the mirror, so you can watch the angle of your head.

Step Four: Insert the Neti-Pot spout into your upper nostril. Ensure that the spout is fully inserted so it cannot spill out of your upper nostril, and slowly tilt the pot to a pouring position. At this point, you need to begin to breathe through your mouth, and remember to relax. It may feel foreign and uncomfortable, especially if it is your first time trying it, but try not to tense up and allow yourself to relax. It will take a few seconds for it to start dripping or pouring out of your other nostril.

Step Five: Once half of the solution is used up, it is time to stop and gently blow your nose. Tilt your head back over the sink so that the opposite nostril is the upper nostril. Now, insert the Neti-Pot into the nostril, and repeat the process. Be sure to relax as you drain the rest of the solution into the sink.

When you are done, gently blow your nose. It is very important that you do not force your nose when you blow it. Remember to clean up the area, as needed. If some of the solution gets down your throat, don’t worry. This is common if it is your first couple times trying the Neti-Pot. After the solution is gone, rinse out your Neti-Pot and place it somewhere to air dry. Now, go on with your day, breathing deep and fully through your newly cleansed nostrils. Remember, you can use your Neti-Pot as frequently or infrequently as you need!